• [iPhone 13 Pro Max] CL ALPHA Metal Case Cherry On Top Edition

    $ 240


    ▪︎ CLALPHA Metal Edition was inspired by the design of CL’s first album title, “ALPHA.”
    The CL iPhone 13 series phone case consists of a cherry interview and a kaleidoscope.

    ▪︎ It’s a design that has passed the drop test and the strict reliability test.
    This component announces the beginning of CL and announces the past, present, and future of CL.
    We made it with meaning in each component.

    ▪︎ Overall, it can be used as an interior accessory by applying metal material.
    It is also recommended for collection due to its high scarcity value.

    ▪︎ When NFC authentication is completed, care services and various themed contents are provided.

    ▪︎ Wireless charging function support.


Product Information

Product Name : iPhone 13 Tag Case

Manufacturer : SLASH B SLASH

Country of manufacture : Republic of Korea

Material : TPU, PC


Delivery information.

The official Slash Slash Mall uses CJ Logistics and costs 2,500 won for basic delivery, and shipping may be added for islands and mountains.

If you purchase more than 70,000 won, it’s free delivery.

In addition, the average delivery date of the product is two to three days after payment is completed. (Excluding holidays and holidays)

Exchange and return information

In the case of a simple change of mind, it is possible within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product,

Please understand that exchange/refund is not possible for products with damage to packaging or traces of use.

In addition, in the case of exchange/return due to a simple change of mind, the round-trip shipping fee of 5,000 won must be paid by you to process it can be processed.

If the contents of the advertisement for misdelivery/defective/display of the product are different, within 3 months or 30 days from the date on which the fact was known.

The final refund process is carried out through inspection after the product is recovered.

Please understand that refunds are not possible if traces of damage or use of the wrapping paper are found during the inspection.

If you are requesting an exchange/refund
Please submit it to the customer center (02-6953-0651) or email (slashbslashco@gmail.com).